Welcome to our dedicated space for navigating fussy eating!

I've teamed up with Judith from The Confident Eater to support children and parents in navigating the challenging terrain of picky eating, while still enjoying pre-planned dinners. We aim to reduce cognitive overload while ensuring healthy meals with various options are on the table. Through our carefully prepared meal plans and Judith's research-based sound advice, we aim to help you turn dinnertime with your fussy eater into a stress-free and relaxed occasion.

While our Fussy-Friendly plan is not currently available, there will be another option available soon. Scroll down to learn more about this exciting collaboration.


Judith brings a raft of experience from the world of children's nutrition and I am so excited to have partnered with her to create a dedicated Fussy Friendly meal plan. You may have seen or heard her on RNZ with Kathryn Ryan, Breakfast, The AM Show, The Project and The Breeze (among others!)

To name just some of Judith's qualifications and experience...

  • Graduated MA Cantab (St.John’s College, Cambridge, UK)
  • MSc in Psychology with first-class honours (Massey University)
  • Internationally qualified Nutritional Therapist
  • AOTA accredited Picky Eating Advisor.
  • AOTA accreditation’s in ‘How to identify and treat the sensory component of pediatric feeding difficulties’.
  • PhD Candidate
  • Founder of The Confident Eater

Fussy Friendly Meal Plan

Our Fussy Friendly weekly meal plan is not currently available, however, watch this space. I will soon be offering a one-stop downloadable e-book with a range of recipes catered specifically to fussy eaters, along with ideas and adaptations from Judith for how you can best support your child to enjoy dinner with the whole family. Don't cook two (or even three!) separate meals; our recipes will take all the thinking out of how to incorporate your fussy eater into the family meal.